Surya Ring

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Ring Symbology
Allow the masculine energy of this glowing sun to enter your divine feminine circle of tranquility. Awaken your inner yang as you attract bright light to balance your calming moon-like qualities, heat to balance your coolness, and action to balance your passivity...

Surya means sun in Sanskrit (you may have heard of surya namaskar - the sun salutation in yoga). Feminine energy is mysterious, precious and a crucial part of our making, but we must also embrace the powerful qualities of masculine energy. Here you have a small but potent surya to carry with you as a reminder to nurture both energies as you work towards inner harmony.

Ideal for
Anyone who feels energetically imbalanced, for example to passive or too active.

Creative Process
Musa Mundi rings are hand crafted using certified eco silver. There are no factory lines, each piece is made with intuitive creative flow and artisan individuality.

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