Positive Vibrations Ring

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A reminder to raise your vibrational frequency. This little companion will encourage you to stay positively focused as you connect with your true self and attract happier, sweeter days.

We function better physically and emotionally when we take steps to increase our vibrational frequency. Steps such as meditation, mantras, a positive attitude and lots of self care, gratitude and acceptance. Today is the day to nurture the best version of yourself...

Ideal for
People experiencing fatigue, headaches, low moods or low self esteem. Also people who feel that they've not found their true tribe, or that the community around them are too negative/holding them back. Raising your vibrations will help you attract positive, happy people. 

Creative Process
Musa Mundi rings are made using certified eco silver. There are no factory lines, each piece is crafted with intuitive flow and artisan individuality.

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