Hey all, I'm Lyd...


Photo of Musa Mundi founder, Lyd.

Some years ago, I found myself in a tent with some Afghan men and their antique trinkets, I stood examining the clasp of a talisman ring, impressed with the artisan detail and wondering how it had been made. A combination of curiosity and artistic desire led me to Florence where I trained under the watchful eye of a master silversmith. From there I took a further course in Sardinia and then began collecting tools.

Around the same period, I’d been watching documentaries about modern slavery and the precious metal & gemstone industry. This ignited some fire in my belly and pushed me to find a fair way to make jewellery.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm an obsessive, preachy environmentalist, they'd probably say it warm-heartedly thinking of my wardrobe situation (not willing to buy anything anymore) or some debate in which I was a passionate hypocrite. Regardless of my occassional failures, I believe strongly in the importance of caring for this magnificent, wonderous planet. And not just that, but aligning our actions with our core values. And when I say values, I should mention that I'm big on equality and non-violence. So to add to the list, I'll put feminist and vegan also. I'm for the humans and the animals.

I travelled a lot (with work) and I spoke to an abnormal amount of people from all over the map. I found that although we can sometimes be too proud, tunnel visioned or completely unaware of ourselves, the people of the world can be united by the innocent passion in their souls, by their longing for love and happiness, by the meditative state a forest or the ocean can put them in. We’re all searching and working and loving in one way or another. And I believe that regardless of the woes of the modern world, we mostly have good intentions. Musa Mundi is about nurturing that inner goodness whilst raising awareness and inspiring positive change. Many of the pieces are little reminders to continue doing well on your path and to live sweeter, more conscious days.

In some ways, Musa Mundi is a reflection of my identity. If I make a ring about self-love it's because I've met someone who was so filled with love and self-acceptance that they blew me away. If I make a ring about equilibrium it's because I've had anxiety myself and I feel empathy for anyone going through that. And when I create in an eco-conscious manner it's because I strongly believe this is crucial to sustain mother nature and humanity.

Sustainable, ethical, green, vegan and natural living is the future. And love is the only way...