Caring for your Musa Mundi Jewellery

Musa Mundi jewellery is hand crafted and therefore fragile. Handle each piece with the love and care that you would handle a work of art.

Keep your jewellery pieces dry as well as away from unnecessary heat, moisture and cosmetics.

The more you wear silver, the brighter it becomes, however if you leave it on the side and exposed to oxygen, it will become more of a dull grey. You can avoid this by either wearing it regularly or keeping it in an air-tight nook. If your piece does turn dull, you can brighten it with a rough cloth such as coarse cotton or linen.


Musa Mundi pieces come wrapped in eco-kraft paper with cotton yarn. The exterior postal packet is made with recycled paper and is also compostable although you can increase its life by using it again. 


Musa Mundi offers worldwide shipping. From workbench to destination, orders usually take five to eight working days around Europe and up to two weeks outside of Europe. Please be advised that buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Musa Mundi can not be held responsible for any delays or charges with international customs.

Refunds and Exchanges

The fast fashion industry and high street giants have made impulsive shopping easier than ever. Musa Mundi is a small artisan brand and pieces are either unique or made to order so returns and exchanges are not possible. Please purchase mindfully, making sure that you have picked the correct size and that you're committed to your purchase. All sales are final. 

If you have any problems with your order, please contact Musa Mundi to discuss a solution.