Ring Sizing

Simple Silver Rings
The simple silver rings are sized using the British measurement system and are available in three sizes. If you are unsure of your size, simply go to a local high street jeweller and get measured. Here's a conversion chart of the Musa Mundi sizes:

UK, Australia  &
New Zealand
Europe Asia US & Canada
Small - K 50 9.5 5 1/4
Medium  - N 54 13.5 6 3/4
Large - Q 58 16.5 8 1/4


Upcycled Gemstone Rings
 upcycled gemstone rings are individual pieces and come in a range of sizes so that there is something for everyone. The sizes cannot be altered once the stone is set so double check your size before you order.

Custom Sizes
Custom sizes are available for the simple silver rings. The upcycled gemstone rings can only be created in custom sizes if there is a similar stone in stock - in which case a completely new ring would be crafted in the requested size.

Custom sizing doesn't cost extra but please expect a 1-2 week turnaround time.
You can get in touch to discuss your order further.